The Ultimate Guide to Canal Cruise in Amsterdam


A Romantic Getaway: Amsterdam Canal Cruises for Couples

Amsterdam Canal Cruises for Couples

With twinkling canal lights setting the mood, Amsterdam Canal cruises cater to couples through special evening tours, private dinners, and custom charters. This guide covers top romantic cruise types, booking tips, locations, and suggestions for planning the perfect date night on the water.

Gliding hand-in-hand along Amsterdam’s charming canals at sunset is one of the most romantic ways to explore the city. Canal cruises offer an intimate perspective of Amsterdam perfect for couples, from sunset sightseeing tours to private candlelit dinners on the water. Read on for our guide to planning the ultimate Amsterdam canal cruise date night.

Top Romantic Canal Cruise Types

Several cruise styles provide romantic ambience:

  • Evening Cruises: Watch the city light up as dusk settles during a 1-2 hour twilight cruise.
  • Dinner Cruises: Multi-course meals with drinks, paired with gorgeous canal views during 2-3 hour cruises.
  • Cocktail/Wine Cruises: Sip drinks while admiring Amsterdam’s bridges and illuminated buildings.
  • Private Tours: Book your own private cruise custom-tailored for just the two of you.
  • Holiday Cruises: Cruise by seasonal light displays and decorated bridges during Christmas, winter, or Valentine’s periods.
  • Live Music Cruises: Enjoy jazz, classical, or acoustic performances adding to the romantic mood.
  • Luxury Cruises: Upscale experiences with premium dining and amenities for a special splurge.

Booking Your Couples Canal Cruise

Reserve tickets directly on company websites for best rates and availability for your preferred date and time. Look for “Romantic Cruise” or “Valentine’s Cruise” categories. For private tours, book as far in advance as possible, at least 1-2 months.

If surprising your partner, sneakily find out their schedule availability before reserving so you get the perfect timing. Keep booking details secret to unveil the plans at the right moment for max romance.

Cruise Type Average Price
Evening Sightseeing Cruise €25-€35 per person
Dinner Cruise €60-€100 per person
Private Charter €300+ per hour

Top Departure Points for Couples

Most cruises embark from docks in the city center, including:

  • Across from Central Station
  • Alongside the Anne Frank House
  • Behind the Floating Flower Market
  • Next to the Hermitage Museum

These provide proximity for romantic strolls through charming areas beforehand.

Insider Tips to Maximize Romance

  • Have a bouquet, chocolates, or gift delivered to your partner’s cabin ahead of the cruise.
  • Book at sunset or on a full moon evening for fairy tale ambience.
  • Reserve a private table with the best waterfront views if during a dinner cruise.
  • Capture photos embracing with bridges and canal houses in the background.
  • Hold hands, cuddle under blankets, and savor the private time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of day for a romantic cruise?

Sunset or evening cruises are ideal, but some companies also offer morning cruises with breakfast. Avoid the busier afternoon times.

What happens if it rains during our cruise?

Most boats have indoor saloon seating. If cancelled due to extreme weather, rebooking or refunds are usually offered.

What cruise length is best for couples?

1-2 hours is optimal to soak in the ambience. Dinner cruises run longer due to multi-course meals. Private charters can completely customize duration.

Should we dress up for a romantic canal cruise?

Dress however makes you feel fabulous, whether it’s formal date-night attire or casual elegance. But do bring layers and protection against elements.

Are drinks and meals included in all cruises?

Standard sightseeing cruises may not include drinks or food. Verify options for dinner, cocktail, and specialty cruises when booking.

Pros of a Romantic Canal Cruise

  • Intimate setting to focus on each other
  • Unique twilight perspectives of the city
  • Cuddle under blankets and get cozy
  • Special option for proposals, anniversaries, or honeymoons
  • Featured extras like live music, cocktails, or fine dining
  • Perfect prelude to an evening out or full date night

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

  • Premium pricing, especially for private charters
  • High demand leads to early sell outs for popular dates
  • Exposure to elements if on an open-air boat
  • Other passengers on public cruises could potentially distract
  • Not entirely flexible timing if doing a set tour
Company Top Romantic Offerings
Blue Boat Evening cruises, private charters
Lovers Canal Cruises Sunset cruises, Christmas canal cruises
Rederij Kooij Valentine’s cruises, luxury private tours

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