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Amsterdam Canal Cruises with children – This is what you need to know!

Amsterdam Canal Cruises with children - This is what you need to know

With engaging kids' commentary, onboard activities, costumes, and treats like unlimited ice cream, Amsterdam's family-friendly canal cruises create unique sightseeing adventures. This guide covers specialized offerings, booking tips, top locations, and suggestions for planning the ultimate boat tour experience with your children.

Gliding through Amsterdam’s charming canals on a boat tour offers a relaxed way for families to see the city together. Canal cruises cater to kids by providing engaging commentary, treats, activities, and unique perspectives that come alive from the water. Read on for our guide to planning the ultimate Amsterdam canal cruise adventure with your children.

Many companies offer specialized family-tailored daytime cruises. Popular kid-friendly offerings include ice cream cruises where children get unlimited ice cream treats, interactive pirate-themed cruises with costumes and treasure hunts, princess and prince cruises where kids become royalty, Lego building cruises, children’s audio guides, policies allowing you to bring your own toys onboard, and private family charters where you book your own cruise just for your family and friends.

Booking Tips for Family Canal Cruises

When booking your family canal cruise, it’s best to reserve tickets directly through the operator’s website to get the best rates and availability. Opt for weekdays or shoulder season months to avoid crowded summer crowds if possible. Look for categories like “Kids Cruise” or “Family Cruise” when reserving to find family-tailored options. Have each child’s ticket and age handy when booking to receive any applicable kid discounts. For private charters, inquire about special family packages, catering options, and customization possibilities.

Cruise Type Average Price
Daytime Family Cruise €10-15 per child
Themed Kids’ Cruise €15-20 per child
Private Family Charter €300+ per hour

Top Family-Friendly Departure Locations

Many family-friendly canal cruises depart from docks conveniently located across from Amsterdam Central Station, alongside the Anne Frank House, behind the Floating Flower Market, or next to Rembrandtplein Square. Proximity to parks, main attractions, restaurants, and public transportation makes getting to and from the cruises much easier for families.

Insider Tips for Keeping Kids Engaged

To keep kids engaged on the boat tours, let them pick fun snacks like mini pancakes or ice cream to enjoy onboard. Have them wave to other boats, cyclists, and people hanging out along the canals. Print out activity packs in advance they can work on during the cruise. Take turns holding younger children so they get different vantage points. Point out unique Amsterdam sights like narrow canal houses and quirky bridges. And take family photos recreating the iconic “I Amsterdam” sign poses together.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions before booking, here are answers to some frequently asked questions about family canal cruises in Amsterdam:

What time of day is best for family cruises?

Late morning through early afternoon typically works best so kids are engaged and not tired or hungry.

What ages do kids get discounted rates?

Most offer reduced child prices for ages 3-12, with kids under 3 free when sharing a seat.

Should we notify the company we’re bringing kids?

Yes, so they can prepare relevant activities and have adequate staffing.

What if kids get antsy or noisy during the cruise?

Kids are welcome, but parents may need to briefly step off if they become disruptive to others.

Are drinks and snacks available to purchase for children?

Many cruises offer kid-friendly snacks and beverages onboard, but confirm options when booking.

The Perks of a Family Canal Cruise

The perks of a family canal cruise include engaging experiences tailored to kids, chances for them to learn from a fun new perspective, and making meaningful memories exploring Amsterdam’s top sights together. But parents should factor in potential challenges like food allergies, bringing entertainment for kids, picking an age-appropriate cruise time, and monitoring children’s safety.

With kid perks like unlimited treats, activities, and engaging commentary, Amsterdam’s family-friendly cruises create lifelong memories gliding by famous landmarks. They provide unique perspectives of this iconic city suited for guests of all ages.

CompanyTop Family Offerings
Blue Boat CompanyKids audio guides, BYOT cruises
Wetlands SafariBring Your Own Toys cruises
Those Dam Boat GuysIce cream cruises, pirate cruises

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