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Amsterdam Canal Cruise with Van Gogh Museum Tickets

Amsterdam Canal Cruise with Van Gogh Museum Tickets

Float along 17th-century Amsterdam's gilded canals before glimpsing Van Gogh's passionate genius at the museum housing 200+ of his iconic paintings and drawing. Here is everything you need to know about this combo ticket bundles two quintessential experiences at a discounted price in Amsterdam.

Take a journey through Amsterdam’s gilded past and artistic brilliance with a value-driven combo ticket for the canal cruise and Van Gogh Museum. Floating along the UNESCO-protected canals offers intimate views of the city’s rich 17th-century architecture before a dedicated timeslot at the museum provides an in-depth look into Van Gogh’s passionate artistry. 

Priced lower together than separately, this pairing brings you along winding waterways past sites like the Anne Frank House and under the iconic Skinny Bridge, imparting insights into Amsterdam’s culture and history. At the museum, wander through over 200 stirring paintings and drawings that highlight both Van Gogh’s unique perspective and the evolution of his signature style across vivid still lifes, emotive portraits and starry landscapes. 

By experiencing these two quintessential attractions in one ticket, you’ll gain a well-rounded appreciation for Amsterdam’s storied past and artistic ingenuity. Here is an insider’s look at this popular package deal among many travelers in Amsterdam. 

About this Amsterdam Canal Cruise & Van Gogh Museum Tickets Bundle

Amsterdam Canal Cruise with Van Gogh Museum Tickets
Amsterdam Canal Cruise with Van Gogh Museum Tickets

This combination ticket from Tiqets offers an insightful look into two quintessential Amsterdam attractions – a cruise along the UNESCO-listed canals and a visit to the world-famous Van Gogh Museum. Operated by Tiqets International, it allows you to experience the cultural richness of the city’s 17th-century Golden Age and marvel at the unique artistry of Vincent Van Gogh that was only truly valued after his death.

As you step aboard the canal cruise, audio guides in 16 languages transport you back in time as you drift past historic residences and landmarks along the iconic waterways. Over the course of an hour, glimpse sites like the towering Westerkerk church, the iconic narrow canal houses, and the Anne Frank House museum.

Before or after your cruise, use the same ticket for a dedicated time slot at the Van Gogh Museum, home to the largest collection of artworks by the troubled Dutch genius. Wander through over 200 paintings, 500 drawings and 750 written letters that provide an intimate look into Van Gogh’s life. See his evolving style across vivid sunflower still lifes, emotive potato eaters portraits, starry night landscapes and more. Complimentary smartphone tickets and instant delivery maximize convenience.

Combining two quintessential experiences into one ticket, this combo deal by Tiqets lets you dive into old Amsterdam’s allure and Van Gogh’s tortured brilliance for less. Add some bitterballen and Dutch beer to complete the perfect day!

Van Gogh Museum
Van Gogh Museum

Tickets & Price

The combo ticket costs €31.50 per person, which is cheaper than purchasing both attractions separately. Tickets are mobile-only and delivered instantly after your online purchase. The combo ticket provides access to a 1-hour canal cruise and dedicated timeslot at the Van Gogh Museum.

For the canal cruise, you need to visit the local Amsterdam ticket office to pre-book your boat timeslot. Then, show your smartphone ticket at the departure point to board. Audio guides are included.

At the Van Gogh Museum, simply show your mobile ticket at the entrance for your allotted timeslot. You have 30 minutes after the booked time to enter. No museum audio guide is included though.

If you select a refundable ticket during checkout, you can cancel up until 11:59pm the day before visiting for a full refund. However, rescheduling is not possible after purchase.

Transport between the canal cruise and museum and the museum’s audio guide are not included in the combo ticket price.

Top Sights You will See

As you drift along the canals on the cruise, take in the architectural and cultural remnants of Amsterdam’s 17th-century Golden Age heyday. Glimpse major landmarks like the towering Westerkerk church, the skinny bridge over the Amstel river, and the Anne Frank House museum. 

Admire Amsterdam’s famed canal ring lined with gabled canal houses, built during prosperous medieval times for wealthy merchants. Marvel at some of Amsterdam’s most postcard-worthy scenery, including beautiful bridges and quaint houseboats docked along the canals. 

Overall, the cruise provides picturesque views of Amsterdam’s age-old canal network, bringing the history and culture of the city’s past to life as you drift through scenery that inspired Dutch Golden Age master painters.


What is included with the combo ticket? 

The combo ticket includes a 1-hour canal cruise and a dedicated timeslot at the Van Gogh Museum. Audio guides are included for the canal cruise only.

Can I reschedule my combo ticket? 

Unfortunately no, rescheduling is not possible after purchase.

When should I book my canal cruise timeslot? 

You need to visit the ticket office in Amsterdam ahead of time to pre-book your desired boat departure time.

How can I cancel or get a refund? 

Refundable combo tickets can be cancelled up until 11:59pm the day before your visit to receive a full refund. Choose this ticket option when booking online.

Do I get audio guides for both attractions? 

You get canal cruise audio guides in 16 languages, but would need to rent the museum audio guide separately onsite if needed.

How do I travel between attractions? 

Public transport between the cruise and museum is not included, so you must make you own way between them.

When can I show up to the Van Gogh Museum? 

You can enter up to 30 minutes after your booked museum timeslot. Show your phone ticket at entry.

Where is the canal cruise departure point? 

Check your voucher for an illustration of the departure docks to get the exact address and bridge number before your selected timeslot.

What do the Reviews Say?

Overall, reviews of the Amsterdam Canal Cruise and Van Gogh Museum combo ticket deal are very positive. Many verified customers rate the pairing as an “Excellent” way to experience two quintessential slices of Amsterdam efficiently and affordably.

The most common praise is around the convenience and value this combo ticket represents. By bundling canal sightseeing with a trip to the incredibly popular Van Gogh Museum, it secures tickets ahead of time and often at discounted bundled pricing compared to purchasing both attractions separately. This makes it especially useful when the museum is sold out.

Reviewers highlight how the combo efficiently packs two iconic Amsterdam activities into a single itinerary. Several travelers with limited time in the city called it an excellent way to make the most of their day. Families spanning multiple generations also appreciated the variety it offers in just a few hours.

While commentary on the museum itself is overwhelmingly excellent, the canal cruise receives more mixed reactions. Most enjoy gliding through picture-perfect scenery, but some feel an old-fashioned boat tour with a live guide would be preferred over the audio recordings. However, nearly all reviews agree the total experience makes for smooth, valuable sightseeing.

About Tiqets International B.V.

Founded in Amsterdam in 2014, Tiqets is a global platform that makes booking tickets for museums, attractions and tours an easy, on-demand experience.

The start-up was established by a group of Dutch entrepreneurs who believed there had to be a simpler way to discover and access things to do in cities worldwide. They began by selling white-label tickets before launching their own app and website focused on instant, last-minute mobile bookings.

Over the past decade, Tiqets has expanded rapidly. After early success in Amsterdam, the company grew across Europe and then entered major markets like the USA and APAC region. Key milestones have included becoming Google’s first partner for reserve with tours & activities in 2017 and achieving integration with Apple Maps in 2020 for in-app attraction booking.

Strategic partnerships with travel industry players like Airbnb and Group have helped propel even faster growth. Tiqets has surpassed 30 million tickets sold to date across over 4,000 venues and counting. Last year alone they broke records for the most tickets sold in a single day.

From its Amsterdam roots, Tiqets has cemented itself as a leading global platform to discover and purchase instant tickets for top museum, tours and attractions on-the-go. 

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