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Pedal Boat Amsterdam – Is it for you?

Pedal Boat Amsterdam

Looking for pedal boats in Amsterdam? Here is an insider's look at one of the most popular and fun activities for families in Amsterdam!

Few activities capture the essence of Amsterdam as perfectly as gliding down its scenic canals by pedal power alone. Since the first pedal boats hit Amsterdam’s iconic waterways back in the 1980s, their popularity has boomed. Today, visitors flock to experience what’s become a quintessential Amsterdam activity for all ages.

Who is this iconic activity suited for? What’s the typical cost and duration? Where does one get tickets – online or in the city? This article will give you the insider information about enjoying the fabled Amsterdam canals under your own foot-power. 

We’ll cover the history, logistics, routes, sights, and top operators to unlock everything you need to know to have an unforgettable, family-friendly glide through this captivating city built on water. 

Read on for the when, where, who, what, why and how of doing one of Amsterdam’s trademark activities on your own terms — pedal boating the scenic UNESCO World Heritage site that is Amsterdam!

About the Pedal Boat in Amsterdam Canal Cruise

pedal boats amsterdam
pedal boats amsterdam

This famous pedal boat cruise in Amsterdam ,operated by Stromma Nederland, offers a unique way to explore the famous canals of Amsterdam – by pedal boat. This fun activity allows you to traverse the maze of waterways at your own pace, taking in iconic sights like the Anne Frank House, Skinny Bridge, and charming Jordaan neighborhood.

The pedal boats accommodate up to 4 people and are available to rent for 60 minutes. “Tiqets” sells the tickets online for same-day or future date activities. The meeting point to collect your pedal boat is located at Stadhouderskade 520, a short walk from the Rijksmuseum.

When you arrive, staff will provide you a map of the canal routes and basic safety information. Then you’re free to pedal anywhere you like within the approved canals. These boats are eco-friendly, running solely on man-power. So bring a friend to share pedaling duties, especially on windy days when it can be quite a workout!

Gliding along the canals offers a unique vantage point to take in Amsterdam’s scenic beauty. Watch the bustling street life from on the water as you pedal past historic houses, bridges, and local boats. It’s a fun way for both kids and adults to experience Amsterdam.

Tickets & Price

Tickets for this Pedal cruise in Amsterdam, can be conveniently purchased online in advance through resellers like Tiqets (in this page) for 27.50 euros per boat. When booking your reservation, you’ll select both the date as well as your preferred sixty-minute timeslot for the rental, with departures running daily from 10:30am through 4pm. e-tickets are delivered directly to your smartphone to present when you go to collect your boat.

Cancellation and rescheduling is allowed without penalty if done at least 24 hours prior to your intended rental. When arriving for your cruise, simply show your ticket at the Stromma shop located right near Museumplein and Rijksmuseum. A 20 euro deposit is required per boat before setting off which is fully refunded upon timely return by 5:30pm closing time.

The self-guided experiences allow groups up to four to freely pedal along UNESCO-protected canals and take in sights like the Anne Frank House and Bloemenmarkt at your leisure. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Beyond that, all you need is your ticket, deposit and a bit of leg power to enjoy a quintessential Dutch outing that offers relaxation, adventure and unique views of Amsterdam.

Top Sights You will See along Pedal boats in Amsterdam

As you calmly paddle through the UNESCO-protected waterways under your own power, some of the top attractions visible from on the water include the Anne Frank House, the “Skinny” Bridge, and the charming row houses and tree-lined canals that typify the Jordaan district.

One landmark sure to catch your eye is the iconic Westerkerk church, with its distinctive bell tower soaring skyward as you float by. Look out too for the colorful Bloemenmarkt, Amsterdam’s floating flower market abuzz with tourists. As you glide under quaint little bridges past the gabled canal houses from Amsterdam’s Golden Era, it’s easy to imagine life in the 17th century when Rembrandt himself strolled these same streets.

Part of the delight too is spotting the eclectic variety of houseboats that dot certain wider canals and serve as full-time residences on the water. And watching the bike, foot and even boat traffic that fills Amsterdam’s lanes reveals an intimate side of real life here. Plan your route wisely using the map provided and you can take in Amsterdam’s most famous museums around Museumplein as well from the vantage point of the adjacent canals.

Amsterdam Canal Ring- What Can You See & Do


How much do the pedal boat rentals cost? 

The standard price is €27.50 per boat for a 60-minute canal cruise. Each boat fits up to 4 people.

Where do I book tickets and reserve a timeslot?

Tickets can be purchased online in advance through resellers like Tiqets. When booking, you select both your preferred date as well as 60-minute departure timeslot.

What are the operation hours for rentals? 

Pedal boats can be rented daily between 10:30am and 4:00pm. You must return your boat by the 5:30pm closing time.

Where do I meet to pick up my pedal boat? 

The meeting point is at the Stromma Shop located right next to Rijksmuseum and Museumplein in Amsterdam.

What is the cancellation and rescheduling policy? 

You can cancel or reschedule your booking up 24 hours in advance of your selected timeslot without penalty.

Is a deposit required? 

Yes, a €20 deposit per boat is required when you pick up your rental and will be refunded upon timely return.

Do children have to be accompanied? 

Yes, at least one adult over 18 must accompany any visitors under 12 years old.

What will I see on my canal cruise? 

Top sights visible include Anne Frank House, “Skinny” Bridge, Bloemenmarkt, Westerkerk, Jordaan district, and Amsterdam’s iconic canal row houses.

What do the Reviews Say?

The pedal boat cruise by Stromma received great reviews overall. Reviewers widely praise the simplicity of the process, from easy advance booking to clear instructions upon pickup. While pedaling provides some satisfying physical challenge, especially on windy days, most say any effort is rewarded by the laughs, special views, and quality time spent with travel companions out on the water.

Many guests call the experience “great fun” in and of itself, on top of serving as relaxed sightseeing. Several noted the simplicity of the rental process and clear instructions provided before heading out. While pedaling does provide some physical challenge, especially on windy days, reviewers said the experience and laughter with traveling companions makes it worthwhile.

About Stromma Nederland Cruise Company

Stromma Nederland is a leading sightseeing and transportation operator that has specialized in Amsterdam canal cruises since 1984. Based locally at Keizersgracht 270 along the famous canal ring, Stromma pioneered opening up Amsterdam’s incredible waterways to small electric boats and pedal-powered rental crafts.

Today the family-owned firm offers a variety of popular canal cruise options under their trusted Blue Boat brand. Stromma builds all their own boats locally at the Amsterdam Shipyard using quality materials and customized comfort. Sustainability also features prominently in operations from solar powered vessels to zero-emission pedal boat rentals.

While numerous other canal cruise companies exist today, Stromma Nederland maintains its reputation as a respected leader that set the standard. Their success stems from decades reliably delivering quality service and value across diverse offerings from cruises to bike and boat rental combinations.

The self-guided pedal boat rentals enable Stromma to make meandering the scenic UNESCO canals accessible to all. Their convenient online booking, easy cancellation policies and prime location by top museums further drive popularity. Over thirty years since founders Henk and Ms van Vliet first launched canal cruising, Stromma Nederland continues introducing new generations to Amsterdam treasures.

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