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Smoke Boat Cruises in Amsterdam 2023/2024- Don’t Miss This Cruise!

Smoke Boat Cruises in Amsterdam

Looking for a smoke boat tour in Amsterdam? Here are all the details about the Buddha Smoke-Friendly Boat Tour, considered one of the most popular cruises in Amsterdam. What is it about? How much does it cost? And what do the reviews say? Read on.

Amsterdam’s winding canals have captivated visitors for centuries as the city’s unconventional culture and history unfolds along the glistening waterways. Now travelers looking to embrace Amsterdam’s spirit of relaxation and free expression can embark on a tailored canal cruise aboard the Buddha Lounge Boat. 

With an intimate, smoke-friendly atmosphere enhanced by complimentary drinks and shisha pipes, the 60-70 minute journey through Amsterdam’s scenery fosters connection between like-minded guests. As the lounge boat glides past the Red Light District, under arched bridges, and alongside row houses lit up like gemstones, passengers can sit back to appreciate the views while engaging in thoughtful conversation. 

Here is an insider’s look at one of the most popular cruise in Amsterdam with smoke-friendly atmosphere. Read on.

About this Smoke Amsterdam Canal Cruise

Buddha Smoke-Friendly Boat Tour
Buddha Smoke-Friendly Boat Tour

This popular Smoke-Friendly boat tour operated by Buddha Lounge Boat offers a unique 60-70 minute cruise through the scenic canals of Amsterdam aboard a comfortable lounge boat. Guests are invited to sit back, relax, and take in views of the city while enjoying complimentary drinks. This cruise sets sail from the heart of Amsterdam’s iconic Red Light District, allowing travelers a glimpse into this fascinating area before embarking on their journey.

As the boat glides through Amsterdam’s winding waterways, passengers will take in sights of historic buildings, landmarks, and bridges. Highlights along the route include the Herengracht and Prinsengracht canals, the beautiful Seven Bridges, the river Amstel, the iconic Skinny Bridge, and Amsterdam’s famed “dancing houses” architecture. The winter cruises also incorporate the stunning Amsterdam Light Festival displays from December through January.

Onboard, travelers can take advantage of the boat’s smoke-friendly policy. Complimentary drinks options include beer, wine, or soft drinks. For an additional fee, guests can also enjoy shisha pipes during the relaxing lounge experience. With seating for up to 22 passengers, the intimate cruises aim to foster connection between travelers while showcasing Amsterdam’s one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

The Buddha Lounge Boat features retractable windows so guests can fully admire city views regardless of weather conditions. Heated seating ensures comfort even on Amsterdam’s chilly winter days. Expert local guides narrate the journey in English and Dutch, highlighting the history and charm of Amsterdam for a richly immersive experience uniquely suited to this canal-woven city.

Tickets & Price

Ticket price for this cruise starts from just €30 per person and can be conveniently booked here via GetYourGuide’s website. Tickets include a 70 minute canal cruise, 1-2 complimentary drinks (beer, wine, soda), expert narration in English & Dutch, and music to complement the friendly atmosphere.

The lounge boat welcomes small groups and features windows that open for excellent canal views, plus comfy heated seating when weather is cool. Guests are welcome to bring tobacco products and vape pens to smoke during the cruise.  hookah/shisha pipes can also be purchased onboard.

Tours meet at Prins Hendrikkade 33A in central Amsterdam. Departure times are offered from 12:30PM through 9:30PM daily. Passengers can reserve spots ahead of time and pay later if desired, with the ability to cancel up to 24 hours before your selected time for a full refund.

Top Sights You will See

This smoke-freindly cruise offers intimate views of the city’s most famous sights. The journey begins in the heart of the Red Light District, where guests gain an insider’s glimpse of this captivating neighborhood before setting off along the winding canals. As the boat navigates graceful bridges and narrow passages, passengers will soak in postcard views of gabled canal houses lined up like gems glowing under Amsterdam’s changeable skies.

Landmarks and monuments emerge around each turn, from the elegant arches of the iconic Magere Brug “Skinny Bridge” to ornate historical buildings dating back to the Dutch Golden Age. The old wooden houseboats bobbing on the Amstel river and the soaring pillars of the towering Montelbaanstoren come into view during an unforgettable trip through space and time across Amsterdam’s liquid corridors. When night falls, the cruise incorporates dazzling light art installations along the water as part of the seasonal Amsterdam Light Festival.

Red light district in Amsterdam
Red light district in Amsterdam

Good to Know Before You Book This Cruise

To ensure a smooth experience on the Buddha Lounge Boat’s smoke-friendly cruises, you will to arrive at the meeting point at Prins Hendrikkade 33A at least 15 minutes before your selected departure time. 

While tobacco smoking and vaping is permitted onboard, those wishing to consume cannabis should bring their own supplies, as cannabis products are not provided. Also note that the 70-minute cruise experience is hosted on a larger shared boat compared to the more intimate 60-minute excursion vessel.

This sightseeing tour may not be suitable for travelers with mobility limitations, wheelchair users, or children under 18 years old. The boat environment includes some narrow passages and steps that could pose challenges to navigate. Having awareness of these conditions ahead of time will set you up for the best experience appreciating Amsterdam’s atmosphere and history from a comfortable perch aboard the lounge boat. 

What do the Reviews Say?

Most reviewers rate their time aboard the intimate lounge boats very positively. They say the experience feels laidback, comfortable, and welcoming right from departure at the scenic docks. The guides earn consistent praise for being extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful during the 60-70 minute sightseeing tours.

Many guests are delighted to discover stunning views and hidden sides of Amsterdam’s canal network while relaxing on board. Some note memorably few or even no other travelers on their particular cruise, making it an especially private outing. Complimentary drinks and music enhance the chilled-out vibe as boats navigate charming bridges and landmarks.

A few comments indicate potential areas for improvement. Some travelers mentioned some confusion identifying the correct boat for boarding compared to expectations. Other said space felt rather cramped due to passengers wearing bulky winter coats, so dressing in layers is recommended based on weather. 

But overall, most reviews strongly endorse the Buddha Lounge Boat cruises as an idyllic way for adult smokers to uniquely experience Amsterdam’s atmosphere.

About Buddha Lounge Boat Amsterdam

The Buddha Lounge Boat aims to provide a uniquely comfortable canal cruise experience in Amsterdam. Their boat features amenities like toilet facilities, a sink, heating, heated pillows, beverage cooling, a Bluetooth speaker, and charging stations for a relaxed and hospitality-focused atmosphere.

In keeping with Amsterdam’s open culture, the boat is promoted as 420-friendly for adult tourists. Passengers are welcome to roll and smoke their own cannabis products on board during the tour, similar to “coffeeshop” regulations in the city. However, the boat does not directly provide or sell cannabis or other substances itself.

The Buddha Lounge Boat also gives guests the option to rent a personal hookah/shisha pipe along with their choice of flavors to smoke during the 60-70 minute cruise. These are available for €25 in addition to the standard ticket pricing. Travelers interested in this enhanced experience are advised to book the hookah pipe component in advance online or directly with the boat host upon boarding.

So for smokers hoping to chill out on the water, the Buddha Lounge Boat aims to create a judgment-free oasis right in the heart of Amsterdam’s iconic canals. Their accommodating policies and hospitality focus celebrate the city’s “live and let live” spirit.

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