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Amsterdam Canal Cruise Tickets – Know this before yoy buy tickets!

Amsterdam Canal Cruise Tickets - The full guide!

How much will you pay for Amsterdam Canal Cruises Tickets? Where you should buy them? and what should you be aware of ? Here is a full guide for booking the perfect Cruise in Amsterdam's Iconic Canals!

Gliding along Amsterdam’s picturesque canals past gabled townhouses and historic bridges is one of the best ways to see the city’s scenic UNESCO-listed canal district. 

There are many cruise options and numerous cruise providers to choose from, so to find the best cruise for your needs, here’s a detailed look at how to book tickets for these iconic canal cruises, including prices, providers, discounts, tips, and frequently asked questions.

Amsterdam Canal Cruises Tickets - Where is the best place to book tickets?

Canal cruises are very popular and sought-after attraction in Amsterdam, so the first thing you should do, is book your cruise tickets in advance. This will make your cruise entrance much easier and save you a lot of time instead of waiting in the ticket office’s long lines.

To order your tickets in advance, you should search for online platforms that allow you to book cruise tickets through their website. These platforms let you to choose from a variety of cruise types in Amsterdam and select the exact date and time that suits your convenience.

There are many platforms which offer to order Amsterdam canal cruise tickets in advance. Some of the most popular ones are “Tiqets” which is a Netherlands company, or “Getyourguide” which consider a very well-known online tickets platform.

Amsterdam Canal Cruises Tickets - What is the price you should look for?

The price range for Amsterdam Canal Cruises varies depending on the type of cruise, the duration of the cruise, and the time of day. The cheapest Amsterdam canal cruises are the Basic canal cruises which offer a 60-minute cruise with audio or live guide. These cruises average price is €15-20.

Other Amsterdam canal cruises such as Luxury canal cruises (a more personal experience with a smaller group size and more comfortable accommodations), Night canal cruises, Dinner cruises (These cruises offer a multi-course meal with wine and drinks included) or Combination cruises (that include tickets to other popular tourist attractions), will cost more.

Here is a table showing the price difference for each cruise:

Type of cruisePrice range (EUR)Description
Basic canal cruise€15-20A 60-minute guided tour of the canals.
Luxury canal cruise€21-27A more personal experience with a smaller group size and more comfortable accommodations.
Night canal cruise€22-25A unique perspective of the city at night.
Combination cruise€30-39Includes tickets to other popular tourist attractions.
Dinner cruise€79-99A multi-course meal with wine and drinks included.

Here are some of the most popular Amsterdam Canal Cruises:

Top Amsterdam Canal Cruise Companies

Blue Boat Company is one of Amsterdam’s original and most established canal cruise operators. For over 40 years, they have offered daytime, evening, and private tours on their distinctive blue steel boats with indoor seating. Blue Boat departs from several centrally located docks.

Those Dam Boat Guys provide cruises on smaller, open canal boats seating 2-12 guests for a more intimate experience. They offer specialty tours like ice cream and pizza cruises tailored for families and groups.

Wetlands Safari focuses on 1-2 hour public and private cruises ideal for photographers, nature lovers, and small groups. Their boats access narrower canals other tours can’t reach.

Lovers Canal Cruises is known for romantic sightseeing tours and private charters ideal for proposals, honeymoons, and celebrations. Their boats have cozy wooden saloon interiors.

Rederij Kooij offers a heritage fleet of charming wooden canal boats that have been operating tours since the late 1800s. They accommodate large groups for sightseeing and events.

Friendship Amsterdam provides daily public and private cruises on lush, beautifully finished boats focused on exceptional service and dining.

Each company provides different amenities, capacities, prices, and specialties – but all aim to showcase Amsterdam’s iconic canals and sights from the unique water-level perspective of a boat.

Company Sample Prices
Blue Boat Company €17 adults, €8.50 children
Lovers Canal Cruises €20 adults, €10 children
Those Dam Boat Guys €25 adults, €12.50 children
Wetlands Safari €16 adults, €8 children
Rederij Kooij €22 adults, €11 children

How can you get discounted tickets for Amsterdam canal cruises

  • Book online in advance through the cruise company’s website – early booking promotions can offer 10-15% discounts.
  • Sign up for email newsletters from cruise operators to receive special offers and promo codes for discounted bookings.
  • Avoid booking last-minute or walk-up tickets which are full price – book at least 1-2 weeks out.
  • Travel in the off-season months like January-March when fares are reduced on average by 10-20%.
  • Check for student, senior, military, and group discounts. Groups of 10+ often get 10-25% off standard rates.
  • Look for combo deals that bundle a canal cruise along with attractions like museum visits – packaging saves money.
  • Consider booking a cruise during the daytime over premium evening and dinner offerings to save costs.
  • Stick to standard public tour options rather than specialized private charters which can run quite expensive.
  • Compare pricing across operators using third party ticket seller aggregators to find the best fares.

Booking ahead online, traveling off-peak, and looking for combos, group rates, and promos are the best ways to save on Amsterdam’s canal cruises. Avoiding last-minute full-price tickets saves significantly.

Don't forget to compare prices!

Start by checking the official websites of the major cruise companies like Blue Boat, Wetlands Safari, Those Dam Boat Guys, Lovers, and Rederij Kooij. Look at their listed prices for daytime sightseeing cruises to get rate ranges.

Next, browse canal cruise options on ticket aggregators like GetYourGuide, Viator, and Tiqets. These let you see different companies and tour styles side-by-side along with reviews. But be wary of added commissions inflating their prices.

Consider when and how you want to book. Advance online booking directly through operator sites provides the best rates over walk-up ticket purchases. Multi-day passes offer cheaper per-cruise pricing.

Factor in durations – one hour day cruises are the most affordable. Evening, dinner, holiday, and private charters come at a premium. But combos can save money.

Compare the quality and types of boats, catering, crew, languages, routes, and special options like live guides vs. recorded commentary. Don’t just focus on the cheapest – value differs.

Crunch the numbers including discounts, combos, and broker fees to find the best overall canal cruise value aligning with your perfect Amsterdam travel experience. Cast a wide net when searching and budgeting.

Amsterdam Canal Drinking Cruise - What options do you have

What to aware of before booking tickets to Amsterdam Canal Cruise?

Carefully check the cruise duration, amenities, language options, and features before purchasing to ensure it meets your needs. Read the fine print on cancellation, rescheduling, and refund policies in case your travel plans change. 

Many tickets are non-refundable. Double check the departure time, boarding location and arrival instructions to avoid confusion. Understand the difference between open boats versus boats with indoor heated cabins if weather is a concern.

Consider your budget and look for ways to save through early booking discounts, combo deals, off-season pricing. Be cautious of third party sellers and unrealistic prices or packages that seem “too good to be true.” Ask whether commentary is live or pre-recorded if having a guide is important to you. Inquire if food, drinks or restrooms are available before assuming so, especially on smaller boats.

Know the language options available on audio guides if you do not speak Dutch or English. Factor motion sickness possibilities – have medication if prone and avoid heavy meals beforehand. Doing a bit of research before booking helps avoid surprises and ensures the Amsterdam canal cruise experience you envision. Setting proper expectations ultimately allows you to relax and enjoy the tours.

Customization and special packages for group bookings

Many cruise companies offer private chartered boats that groups can fully customize. Options include catering with an onboard bar, selecting music, decorating the vessel with flowers/balloons, and planning activities or surprises.

For large groups, you may get discounts on per person rates and packages. But minimum hour requirements for private boats apply regardless of group size.

If booking a public tour, inquire if you can reserve an entire boat, deck space, or dining area solely for your group to keep you together. Space is limited.

See if you can add on extras like champagne toasts, cupcakes, flowers or gift bags to make it special for groups celebrating events. Or include Canal Ring dining cards.

Request stops during private charters at sights relevant to your group or where you want photos. Especially good for student, professional, and alumni trips.

Some boats feature removable roofing and open sides to transform into open-air spaces for groups wanting more connectivity to surroundings.

If your group has specific interests, cruise companies can often customize themes like art, architecture, Dutch culture to tailor commentary and details.

Coordinate group arrival timing and pre-cruise meetups with tours ending near dining, attractions, or hotels convenient for your contingent.

Amsterdam Canal Cruises Tickets - FAQ

How long do the cruises run?

Most standard cruises are 1 hour long. There are also longer specialized options.

Are food/drinks included in the ticket?

Usually not, though some evening and specialty cruises include drinks/bites.

What languages are cruises offered in?

Most cruises have live or audio commentary in 8-10 languages.

What is the best time of day to cruise?

Daytime cruises show sites and architecture best. Evenings show city lights.

Do prices vary by season?

Yes, tickets cost slightly more in the summer peak season from April to September.

Buy online Tickets - Pros and Cons


  • Typically cheaper fares compared to walk-up ticket purchases
  • Access to early booking promotions and discounts
  • Wider selection of time slots and tour types/options
  • Can reserve your preferred departure time in advance
  • Allows pre-planning activities before and after your cruise
  • Convenient and quick process from home before your trip
  • Receipt and confirmation helps ensure your booking
  • Can review or cancel online if needed


  • Must plan and commit to a specific tour time farther in advance
  • Changes or cancellations may involve fees or penalties
  • Adds an extra step versus just showing up and purchasing in-person
  • Online third party sellers may have inflated pricing
  • Lose human interaction and advice from tour desk staff
  • Payment processing fees for online transactions
  • Must have printer access to have a paper ticket copy as backup

Traveler reviews on booking Amsterdam canal cruise tickets online:

  • “Booking online was quick and easy. Received an immediate email confirmation and reminder before our cruise”.

    “The website had way more times and tour options available than what was left when we walked up later that day”.

    “Made the mistake of using a third party site. Ended up paying double what the actual cruise company charged online”.

    “Love having the mobile ticket on my phone ready to go. No need to print anything extra”.

    “We were able to take advantage of an online promo code that saved 15% off walk-up prices”.

    “Had to change our booking because of rain and the website made it really simple to rebook for the next day”.

    “With online pricing being so affordable, we booked cruises two different days to see the city at different times”.

    “Carefully review your selection before purchasing! Our booking confirmation had the wrong date”.

    “Very convenient to purchase tickets ahead of time instead of dealing with it once we arrived in Amsterdam”.

    Overall, most travelers seem to appreciate the convenience and value of booking Amsterdam canal cruises online in advance when possible. Just double check details and watch for verified websites.

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