The Ultimate Guide to Canal Cruise in Amsterdam


Stromma Canal Cruise Amsterdam

Stromma Canal Cruise Amsterdam

Stromma boat tour is one of the biggest canal cruise providers in Amsterdam. This guide highlights what to expect on a Stromma canal cruise, including details on the popular one hour tour, sights seen along the route, boarding locations, fleet information, and more.,

With over 60 miles of canals flowing through the city, Amsterdam has rightly earned its nickname as the “Venice of the North.” The scenic waterways are lined with gabled buildings, houseboats, and historic landmarks that characterize Amsterdam’s idyllic charm.

Stromma Canal Cruises is one of the biggest and well-known cruise providers in Amsterdam, offering many types of cruises for all kinds of travelers. In this guide, you will learn more about what to expect on a Stromma canal cruise in Amsterdam.

We’ll provide an overview of the popular one hour cruise, highlight the key sights seen along the route, and describe some of the other cruise options available. With info on boarding locations, fleet details, and knowledgeable guides, you’ll have a good idea of what the Stromma canal cruise experience entails. So let’s get started.

About Stromma Canal Cruises in Amsterdam

Stromma Netherlands has a long history dating back to 1912 when companies like Rederij Bergmann and Meijer’s Rondvaarten were founded. Today, Stromma Netherlands is one of the largest and oldest shipping companies in Amsterdam with a sustainable fleet.

The company operates cruises through Amsterdam and Utrecht’s canals, with a fleet of over 30 canal cruise boats, 15 sloops, a saloon steamer, and 100 pedal boats. They also offer tours to other Dutch and Belgian destinations and sell souvenirs.

Stromma Netherlands’ brands include ‘Canal Tours Amsterdam’, ‘Canal Tours Utrecht’, ‘Hop On Hop Off’, and ‘Amsterdam Excursions’, distributed via The company is part of the Swedish Stromma Group.

As host of Amsterdam, Stromma Netherlands aims to provide unforgettable experiences with enthusiastic employees, giving every guest memories for life. Their diverse fleet offers cruises for any occasion, from relaxed tours to exploring lesser-known canals.

Sustainability is a key focus, with initiatives like earning the Green Key certificate and transitioning to electric and hybrid engines to reduce environmental impact.

Stromma Group operates sightseeing tours, entertainment, and activities across 18 destinations in Northern Europe. With its history back to 1809, Stromma has strong traditions and cultural values.

Stromma Canal Cruises in Amsterdam - Cruises Types

Stromma offers several sightseeing cruise options for exploring Amsterdam’s famous canals and seeing the city’s top sights from the water. The most popular is their 1-hour Amsterdam Canal Cruise. This gives an introduction to the city gliding by beautiful canal houses, bridges, and historic landmarks.

For a more active experience, there is the Pedal Boat Amsterdam tour. Guests explore the canals at their own pace by pedaling a boat. More intimate small group tours are available with the Open Boat Amsterdam tours on electric boats.

Some key sights seen on the cruises include the Anne Frank Museum, Westerkerk church, Magere Brug bridge, and Rijksmuseum.

Stromma Cruise Tickets

Stromma offers a variety of ticket options at different price points. The classic 1-hour Amsterdam Canal Cruise starts at €18 for adults and €9 for children when booked online. Walk-up rates are €22 for adults and €11 for kids.

There are discounts available for online bookings, early bookings, families, groups, and with bundled city cards like the I amsterdam Card and Amsterdam Pass. Evening cruise rates start at €22 online.

The 1, 2, and 3-day canal cruise passes offer hop on hop off access. The 1-day pass is €26 online for adults and €13 for children. The 2-day pass is €33 online for adults and €17 for kids. The 3-day pass is €38 for adults and €20 for children when booked online.

Specialty cruises like the Amsterdam Light Festival Cruise, Romantic Dinner Cruise, World War II Canal Cruise, and private boat charters have individual pricing. Deals are also offered when combining a cruise with add-ons like museum tickets, drinks, and food.

Where you should buy Tickets for Stromma Canal Cruises?

The best way to purchase Stromma cruise tickets, is by well-known platforms which offer to order tickets in advance and discounts. Some of the most popular ones are “Tiqets” which is considered a very well-known online tickets platform, or “Getyourguide” which is also a very popular website.

Another good method to purchase Stromma canal cruise tickets is directly through their website or mobile app. Booking online provides access to discounts on pricing, live availability, and secure checkout. Tickets can be presented on your phone when boarding.

Walk-up tickets are also available at any of Stromma’s centrally located boarding docks in Amsterdam. These include docks near Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, Herengracht, and Red Light District. Walk-up rates are generally a bit higher than pre-booking online.

Stromma tickets can additionally be purchased as part of bundled city card programs like the I amsterdam Card and Amsterdam Pass. These cards include a canal cruise plus discounts on other top attractions.

Stromma Top Departure Locations

The main boarding dock for Stromma’s 1-hour canal cruises is located opposite the Anne Frank House and Westerkerk church. This prime location near Prinsengracht canal is right in Amsterdam’s historic city center.

Another central departure dock is located near the Red Light District and Dam Square, providing easy access for cruises through the central canals.

Stromma also has docks near the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum, allowing museum visitors to conveniently combine their visit with a canal cruise.

For cruises along the outer Grachtengordel canal ring, popular docks include departure points near Leidseplein, Herengracht, and Amsterdam Central Station.

Each boarding dock is positioned close to top attractions, hotels, restaurants, and public transportation hubs. This enables easy access for cruise passengers to embark and disembark their boat tour.

Stromma’s website and app provide detailed information on the various departure docks around the city center. Tickets include the specific boarding location and times. Following the signs to your designated dock facilitates a smooth embarkation process.

With centrally located and well-signed docks near major landmarks, Stromma makes getting on and off your canal cruise easy and convenient no matter where you are coming from in Amsterdam.

Departure Dock Nearby Attractions
Anne Frank House Anne Frank House, Westerkerk, Prinsengracht
Red Light District Red Light District, Dam Square
Rijksmuseum Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum
Herengracht Herengracht Canal, Leidseplein
Amsterdam Central Station Amsterdam Central Station
How long is Amsterdam Canal cruise

Boarding Times and Duration

The classic 1-hour Amsterdam canal cruise has set departure times usually on the hour throughout the day. Boarding is around 15-20 minutes prior to the stated departure time. The full cruise duration is about 75 minutes.

For the 1-hour cruise, the most frequent departure times are between 10am and 5pm when demand is highest. Early morning and evening cruises have fewer departure options.

The 24 or 48-hour hop on hop off pass provides access to cruises all day long, with first departure at 10am and last at 6:30pm. Boarding is possible at any dock whenever a boat arrives.

Evening canal cruises and specialty cruises like the Romantic Dinner Cruise have individual boarding times, typically in the evening. These range from 60-90 minutes.

Boarding times and duration vary based on factors like cruise type, day/time, season, and demand. Final times are confirmed on tickets. Arriving early ensures boarding and departing on schedule.

Stromma’s website has available departure times and cruise duration listed clearly when selecting and booking a cruise online. This allows passengers to identify the best option based on their schedule.

What to Expect On Board?

Stromma’s boats have both indoor salons and outdoor viewing areas with benches and standing space. Seating is first come, first served. The glass-topped vessels provide optimal views.

Multilingual audio guides are available to provide commentary during the cruise. Tour guides also give live narration highlighting sites along the route in up to 9 languages.

Food and beverages are not included, but can be purchased on board most cruises. Offerings may include drinks, snacks, cheese boards, and Dutch pancakes.

Facilities like WiFi, electrical outlets, and restrooms are available on board the 1-hour and specialty cruises. The hop on hop off boats have more limited amenities.

Loitering is not allowed, so passengers must exit at the end of each cruise. The boats can accommodate wheelchairs, strollers, and have an accessible bathroom, but space is limited.

Most boats hold about 50-100 passengers. Larger boats with more standing room operate during high season. Masks may be required depending on COVID-19 policies at the time.

The overall vibe is relaxed and comfortable. Stromma aims to provide quality sightseeing with informative commentary in a picturesque setting on Amsterdam’s canals.

Key Sights Seen on Stromma Tours

One of the top sights along the cruise route is the Skinny Bridge (Magere Brug), which crosses the Amstel River. This iconic drawbridge with distinctive white wood is a favorite photo spot and landmark in the city.

Another must-see is the Anne Frank House, the famous canal-side building where Anne Frank and her family hid during WWII. It is now a museum that attracts over a million visitors per year.

The Westerkerk, a Protestant church located in central Amsterdam, is visible from the canals as well. It has the tallest tower in the city, offering spectacular panoramic views from the top. The church makes for a popular backdrop in photos.

Cruises also pass by the Royal Palace situated impressively on Dam Square, which is the central town square of Amsterdam. The 17th century palace has great historical significance.

The charming Nine Little Streets (De Negen Straatjes) is another sight along the canals, comprising a delightful network of shopping streets filled with cafes, boutiques and galleries.

You’ll be able to appreciate the iconic Canal Belt (Grachtengordel) – concentric rings of canals dating back to Amsterdam’s 17th century Golden Age, lined by gabled canal houses in scenic rows.

Keep an eye out too for the colorful houseboats where locals reside picturesquely on the water. It’s a unique element of Amsterdam’s canal culture.

Insider Tips for Stromma Canal Cruises in Amsterdam

Here are some insider tips for having the best experience on a Stromma canal cruise in Amsterdam:

  • Book tickets in advance online for the lowest rates and to secure your preferred departure time. Walk-up tickets are subject to availability.
  • Dress warmly even in summer, as it’s cooler on the water especially at night. Bring a jacket or windbreaker.
  • Sit on the right side of the boat going out and the left side returning for optimal views of top sights along the canals.
  • Bring your own snacks and non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy on board if you want to save money.
  • Capture great photos from the boat’s standing area or open upper deck. Low barriers allow clear views.
  • Download the free audio guide Stromma app to get interesting commentary during your cruise.
  • Take an evening canal cruise to enjoy the romantic vibe of Amsterdam’s bridges and buildings illuminated at night.
  • Purchase a 1, 2, or 3-day pass if you want to hop on and off to cruise different canal routes during your stay.
  • Look into combo deals to bundle your cruise with experiences like a museum visit, Distillery tour, or Dutch pancake-making workshop.
  • Arrive at the dock 15 minutes before departure time to check in and get the best outdoor seats with unobstructed views.
Best Canal Cruises in Amsterdam

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Stromma canal cruise to take in Amsterdam?

The classic 1-hour Amsterdam Canal Cruise is the most popular option. It provides an excellent introduction to the city’s top canals and sights.

What is included in the ticket price?

The ticket includes the canal cruise only. Food, drinks, wifi, and use of audio guides are extra or bundled in more premium tickets.

What languages are the tours offered in?

Stromma tours have live or audio commentary available in up to 9 languages – English, Dutch, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese.

Can you board a Stromma cruise without a ticket?

Tickets must be purchased in advance online or walk-up. The boats do not allow boarding without a ticket.

Do the boats have restrooms?

Yes, the 1-hour and specialty cruises have restroom facilities on board. The hop on hop off boats have more limited amenities.

Is there inside and outside seating?

Yes, Stromma’s boats offer a combination of indoor salon seating and outdoor benches/standing areas with panoramic views.

Do the boats operate year round?

Yes, Stromma cruises operate 12 months a year, with reduced schedules in winter months when demand is lower.

Stromma Canal Cruise - Pros and Cons


  • Unique vantage point to see Amsterdam’s famous canals and architecture
  • Informative audio commentary provided in many languages
  • Ability to cruise at night when the city is beautifully lit up
  • Hop on hop off pass allows you to explore different routes
  • Comfortable, all-weather boats with indoor and outdoor space
  • Convenient online booking and centrally located docks
  • Good value prices, discounts available


  • Can be crowded at peak times in the summer
  • Commentary quality can vary with different guides
  • Food and drink not included in ticket price
  • Hop on hop off boats have fewer amenities
  • Public boat transport is cheaper for just transit
  • Evening cruises and private boats have higher prices
  • Can be overly touristy rather than an authentic Dutch experience

Traveler Reviews of Stromma Cruises

“This was a great way to get oriented in Amsterdam and see the layout of the city. The audio guide provided interesting commentary about the history, architecture and culture along the route. Very relaxing to cruise the canals taking it all in”.

“We booked an evening canal cruise and it was so romantic to see the bridges lit up at night. You get unique views of the houseboats and canal houses from the water. A must-do Amsterdam activity!”.

“Took the 24-hour hop on hop off pass and appreciated the flexibility to cruise different routes over two days. Got to see famous landmarks like the Anne Frank House plus more local neighborhoods”.

“The boats are very comfortable with indoor and outdoor seating. Dress warmly though, even in summer it can get chilly on the water especially at night”.

“A good basic introduction to Amsterdam, but nothing mind-blowing. Some tours and guides are better than others so read reviews of the different cruise options”.

“Great way to start our trip and get a feel for where things are located in the city. We took the combo deal with cheese tasting after, which was fun”.

“If you want to experience the canals, a boat tour is really the way to go. Just avoid midday in peak season when the crowds and traffic can take away from the experience”.

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